Open Space Technology

Building on the youthful energy of the participants, the Conference adopts Open Space Technology (OST) as the principal mode for the dialogues. OST allows one to operate with a high degree of engagement, creativity, and passion by creating one’s own agenda and self-managing the program. Instead of passively listening to resource speakers, you can carry on multiple concurrent working sessions. Without a pre-planned detailed agenda, the OST format presents the freedom to move fresh ideas by drawing a “creative tension that not only leads to awareness but fires up the imagination and motivation for action".

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentation Sessions

Showcasing innovative approaches and practices of organizations and individuals related to inclusive youth development in Southeast Asia and beyond. 

Online community

Online Community

Social media will be maximized before, during, and after the conference to encourage youth engagement and foster an online community. Follow and like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and watch out for the hashtag #ICaBetterFuture for a highly interactive Conference learning experience. 

The Future Rocks

The Future Rocks!

A relaxing and fun dinner party to meet and greet other participants on the first night of the Conference.

Youth Bazaar

Youth Bazaar

A silent auction will be held where participants can share their country’s products and culture by bringing special items that they can sell. These can be any product from their country that can showcase its uniqueness and specialty.

They may also bring special food or beverage items from their country that they would like to share with others. These will be added to the snack table.



Day 1: December 8

07:30 – Registration at Hernandez Hall

09:00 – Opening the circle and agenda making

10:00 – Conversation Session 1

11:00 – Conversation Session 2

12:00 – Lunch at L.B. Soriano Hall and Conference Room 1

13:00 – Opening of exhibits and poster presentation at INNOTECH lobby

14:00 – Conversation Session 3

15:00 – Conversation Session 4

16:00 – Conversation Session 5

17:00 –  Evening news

18:00 – BBQ party at Pearl Hall Garden

Day 2: December 9

09:00 – Morning news

09:15 – Conversation Session 6

10:15 – Priority setting

11:00 – Drafting the Youth Education Agenda

12:00 – Lunch at L.B. Soriano Hall and Conference Room 1

13:00 – Silent auction at Hernandez Hall

13:30 – Continuation of drafting the Youth Education Agenda

15:00 – Presentation of the Youth Education Agenda to the High Officials

15:30 – Closing the circle

18:00 – Party: The Future Rocks!